HUGE PS5 News! Sony to Announce TWO HUGE Fan Favorite Games SOON

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PlayStation is getting ready to announce not one but two highly requested fan favour Game Very Soon. Sony is said to announce Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill game very soon. This Story comes from hot topics they’re a website that reports on entertainment pop culture news and according to the fans of Hideo Kojima should expect to be quite happy with sony’s future announcements. This comes from an industry insider. Let me put some Huge Quotes on there because you know what I think about Industry insiders especially when it comes to sony news. But we are going to take it with a  massive grain of salt according to the source the abandoned real-time experience teaser trailer is all that fans want it to be. Now if you are living under a rock the last six months blue box studios came out and they’ve been teasing lots of stuff.

Sony said to announce Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill game “very soon”

They’ve been connected to silent hills and these days with metal gear solid for a month. abandoned became to start with found out in April and rumours were flying round on the grounds that April and tinfoils hats have been worn and hypothesis has been drawn surrounded by Hideo Kojima and Hassan the fellow that supposedly becomes the developer’s founder. you could download the app now and it will be found out in August.

According to recent rumours from this quote-unquote insider very close to sony. They’re going to reveal not one but two games in Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill game. What’s interesting to note here is not one of the major players in the gaming industry including sony Konami or Kojima issued an official statement refuting the conspiracy theory that the mysterious new playable teaser with the working title abandoned is in fact a new silent hill game you would think that at least one of this 3 big players would come out and put an official statement.


Konami recently fueled the fire by liking a comet that claimed abandoned was the brand new silent hill game on their official Instagram account. Norman Reedus on Instagram posted a picture of him with the bunny from silent hills. How many more connections do we need to draw to this game in silent hills and in addition to that blue boxes themselves revealed an image of real-time experience that includes a blurry person wearing an eye patch leading fans to believe that it was attempting to tease connect connection with a world-renowned Japanese game designer Hideo Kojima and Solid snake from metal gear solid.


Fans can expect exciting news about their favourite Franchise very soon.

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