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In this blog, I will tell you the reason why I choose Pokemon GO Hack and How you can hack Pokemon GO.

I am a big fan of Pokemon. I have nearly watched all the seasons of Pokemon. It’s more than 8 Years since I started watching Pokemon and I always want that I get live this kind of Life. I really love all the Pokemon characters i.e. Ash, Misty, Brock, Jessi, James and many more. When Pokemon GO was launched in 2016 I was really in love with this game. I almost give the same feeling, the way Ash Catches Pokemon and I really love that.

When I started playing Pokemon GO then I have a dream to catch all the Pokemon that Ash has. After Spending nearly three to four-month I started getting bored since I was not able to get good Pokemon. I followed all the approaches but was still not able to get new Pokemon and moreover, I was not able to place my Pokemon in Gym. Places around me have a lesser gym so I was looking for some kind of hack that can teleport me.


  1. Uninstall Pokemon Go – No need to worry. This hack will not affect your pokemon go account. If you ever get issue the you can simple download again from playstore and the new pokemon that you got from hacken pokemon go will be still there.
  2. Download and install phsharp
  3. Login with same account that you logged in with actual Pokemon GO. This will make sure that Pokemon , Coin will still exist when you go back to actual Pokemon GO.

You can download pgsharp that can

  1. AutoWalk
  2. Teleport
  3. Joystick
  4. Near By Radar
  5. Enhanced Throw
  6. Favourite

and many more. In the below screenshot, you can see that I have a pgsharp setting on It and even a joystick. It is free and you can basically teleport to any region.

Many of you want to know “how to get coins in pokemon go?” then this pgsharp will help you in getting pokemon go free coins, favourite location, gym battle and many more.

Pokemon GO Hack

Above Pokemon, I have basically found it in the US region. There are many gyms available there and I have literally gone to all gyms and have the fight to place my pokemon inn GYM. You can sit in one place and then you can simply use the joystick to walk in Pokemon GO. If you want to increase the speed of walking then simply you can increase the speed according to you.

You can even use Map in order to auto walk to the desired location. If you want to find Hot Places then You can simply go to favourite and there you will find Hot Places. The only problem is that suppose you move to some new location then you need to wait for cooldown period. In my Pokemon GO this all are Hot Places.

Pokemon GO Hack

If you want to add me as a friend then below is my Pokemon GO code. I will even share pokemon which are duplicates.

2586 6123 1809

I have caught Thundurus, Hariyama, Dragonite, Arcanine, MagaMortar, Snorlax, Kangaskhan and many more. If you want to know the region where will I get these Pokemon so please do comment so that I can help you. I have a list of Pokemon and Places where you can get those Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

There are many settings in pgsharp that you can use to catch the best Pokemon. pgsharp is a Perfect tool that you can use as a Pokemon GO hack. If ever you want to go back to PlayStore Pokemon go then you can simply uninstall this app and simply install PlayStore Pokemon GO. Pokemon will be still there. This is best this about pgsharp as Pokemon GO hack. Let me share a screenshot of the setting so that you will get a clear understanding of why I love pgsharp.

Pokemon GO Hack

Above you can see all the setting that is associated with Pokemon GO hack.

That’s all in this Blog. If you have any issue the Please do comment and Please subscribe to our blog infohubblog for latest upcoming blog.

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