Important Docker Zalenium Tutorial in 10 Minute

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In Docker Zalenium Tutorial I will discuss what is Zalenium, Selenium Grid, Need of it and How you can install Docker Zalenium.

We live in a World where nothing sits still. In these days unexpectedly changing IT world, companies strive toward scalable and fault-tolerant distributed systems, and not best with reference to software improvement. a variety of digital adjustments are occurring within the fine warranty area as properly. agencies are ‘shifting to the left, focusing more on how they can automate their test methods to lead them to faster, simpler to configure and more efficiently deployed.

What is Automation Testing?

Automation testing is software for trying out an approach that performs the use of special automated software tools to execute a  test case suite. On the contrary, manual trying out is done via a human sitting in front of a computer cautiously executing the test cases.

The automation testing software can also enter test statistics into the system and compare actual and expected output, evaluate anticipated and real results and generate detailed test reports. Software Test automation needs good-sized investments of money and assets.

What is Zalenium?

Zalenium is an open-source project that helps set up a selenium grid. The advantage of Zalenium is that it scales up and down dynamically. Suppose if we have a requirement of 6 Chrome Browser and 6 firefoxes then you can simply pass an argument to scale up. If you are an automation tester then you need to learn this. It is docker selenium based solution to boot up the grid within. a second.

Zalenium Meaning: As you may believe, it is the end result of mixing Zalando and Selenium. This assignment’s aim to offer an easy way to create a grid and make a contribution to the Selenium network. despite the fact that, this is not an authentic Selenium mission. We kindly ask you to create problems in this repository. if you have questions on how to get commenced, please be part of the #zalenium channel on Slack.

Why do you need a Selenium grid?

We need a Selenium grid to scale up the infrastructure. Suppose you have 5000 Test Cases to run and you want to run 4000 test cases on Chrome and 1000 on Firefox so in order to achieve this you can take an AWS machine or you can set up a local environment where you can install docker and selenium grid. The problem with the Selenium grid is that you can not autoscale. So in order to auto-scale, you need to use Zalenium

What is Zalenium Feature?

  1. Out of Box Support in Docker and Kubernetes
  2. Provides a Dashboard for viewing logs, videos etc.
  3. Support Firefox and Chrome Browser
  4. Video Recording of the test run.
  5. Live Preview of the test run

How to Setup Docker Zalenium?

Pull docker-selenium from docker hub repo using below command

docker pull elgalu/selenium
Docker Zalenium

Pull Zalenium from docker hub repo using below command

docker pull dosel/zalenium
Docker Zalenium

You can run the using the below command.

docker run --rm -ti --name zalenium -p 4444:4444 -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -v /c/Users/admin/temp/videos:/Users/admin/temp/videos --privileged dosel/zalenium start 

Point your tests to http://localhost:4444/wd/hub and run them

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