Django vs Node JS | Which is Better?

Django VS NodeJS Which is Better

In this blog, I will discuss Django vs Node JS. I will even suggest which is better and why it is better. So Let’s Begin.

What is Django?

Django is an open-source Python-based web framework for expert developers. This Python-primarily based web framework offers a clean and pragmatic manner to build web apps. 

What is Javascript?

Before Node JS, Let’s understand Javascript. It is a very popular language and it is used most widely. Almost Every Website uses Javascript. It Provides features such as validation of user Input, data visualization, interactive chat and many more. Any time you interact with an internet site, JavaScript is at play.

Unlike Python, which runs on your computer’s operating system, JavaScript runs inside the web browser, on the client-side. JavaScript is an exceptionally famous language, so many developers have experience with it.


Introduction to Node JS

Node JS is neither a programming language nor a framework. It is a Javascript runtime environment. It helps you to build and run applications not in browser but on Windows, Mac, Linux Operating systems. It is a server-side platform built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript V8 Engine.

Django vs Node JS

DjangoNode JS
Django is a cross-platform, high-level web framework based on python. It is used to develop Web Applications and REST APIs.Node JS is also a cross-platform, open-source, server-side runtime environment. It is based on Javascript and can be used to run Javascript outside of the browser. It can run both on the client-side as well as server-side.
Django follows an MVT(Model View Template) Format that involves adhering to some specific pathways which render lesser flexibility to the developers.Node JS works on the Event-Driven Model. It offers more flexibility to the developer.
Django is more secure. Because of the Django Built-in system, it can prevent security breaches to a good extent.Node JS is comparatively less secure than Django. It requires the developer’s introspection in the system to administer security flaws.
Django can be used for both Backend and Frontend Development. Hence Full Stack app can be built.Node JS is considered a better Full Stack owing to the combination of Node JS and Javascript to develop both frontend and backend parts of applications.
Django is a good option for building API backends, quickly deployable apps, apps handling sensitive information, an app for machine learning etc.Node JS is a good option for building real-time applications, data streaming applications, microservices etc.
The biggest advantage of the Django framework is the ease of integrating solutions rendering faster development and reduce TTM(Time to reduce and security bindings)The biggest advantage of Node Js is scalability, High Performance, Customizable as per requirement etc.
Django is used by Youtube, Instagram etc.Node JS is used by NASA, PayPal, Walmart, Netflix etc.
Django vs Node JS

Trends Comparison

Node JS Use Case – When to use Node JS?

There are few circumstance that we need to take care of such as “Process Time for each user is more” and “Process utilize very few CPU cycles”. If Process Time for user is more than we can’t put thread on hold from executing other task such as in Chat Application. In Chat Application you don’t wait for reply. Thread get free and become available whenever there is any reply. In that way you decrease CPU Utilization.

You can simply handle remaining request until previous request response is Ready. Using Node JS you can save lots of resources.

Django Use Case – When to use Django?

Django is mostly used when there is security involved. If you have sensitive information such as financial information then Django is best. Chances are there that If you have application that has API’s or webhook then in that case it might be exposed to hacker.


Node JS and Django are both used for developing web based application. In Node JS you need to use another framework for building frontend but in Django you can use for both Frontend and Backend Development. Since Node JS is based on Javascript so there are many Frontend framework which are based on Javascript such as React JS, Angular.

If You search for any open source repository then many projects are build in Node JS compared to Django. If You Ask My Suggestion which is best then I would refer choose according to base language you are familiar with. If you are completely new then you can go with Node JS.

Hope you like our Django vs Node JS Comparsion Blog. If you have any issue please let us know in comment section. Please subscribe to our blog for upcoming blogs.

Happy Coding!

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