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digital ocean vs aws

In this blog, we will discuss DigitalOcean vs AWS and other cloud hosting providers in the same space and even compare the DigitalOcean vs AWS pricing. All Cloud hosting providers more or less work in the same way, the same features and all that stuff but there are quite some differences between one another which I’m going to highlight in this Blog I’ve used AWS and DigitalOcean both to a lot of great extents and basically, I know that things are true at least for my experience.

So the first thing is that AWS and I would say a lot of other cloud providers have a lot and a lot more features than the resolution alone. So one of the things which might bother you if you’re opting in for DigitalOcean is that it does not have those many features inside of a cloud provider right now.

DigitalOcean sells itself as an infrastructure as a service and what you would expect is that you just give us the infrastructure and we’re gonna set it all up ourselves but a lot of times it is very very handy when services like you know DigitalOcean Spaces whose equivalent is S3 on AWS and you know for example on AWS you have Simple Email Service(SES) which allows you to send emails to a lot of people using the AWS backend, so stuff like this is kind of missing from DigitalOcean. If you see the services offered by AWS are huge.

AWS offers a lot of services so that’s one point in favour compared to DigitalOcean cloud providers. I would say the best thing is that it keeps its list of features short and the most used one. You are going to see that you have so many features in AWS  are probably not going to use. I would say 98% or 95% of the features listed in AWS so you might not even need to use for example like the Media services of AWS. If you are not into the video business if you do not want to use machine learning in your application you’re going to not use this whole section in AWS.

So  AWS offers you a ton of features first hand but you might not even use most of them secondly AWS is categorized as one of the most difficult user interfaces to be used inside of a cloud environment.

If you just keep working it for a couple of weeks or more you’re gonna understand how everything works in the AWS dashboard but yeah for beginners if you’re just starting out inside the cloud journey it might be a little bit daunting to see all those gears and the checkboxes and you know just fine-tuning so much DigitalOcean allows you to basically have a very clean and sleek interface for everything and yeah in a few steps you can just get started with complicated features like launching your own server on the cloud in just two or three steps.

So DigitalOcean owns this point which I like the most about DigitalOcean is its upfront pricing so you see that although DigitalOcean is a cloud-based provider it actually provides you with the collection and clean upfront pricing cost. It is a nightmare to calculate pricing in AWS.

Now you might redirect me to a couple of pages you know just look at there and I might agree but AWS comes with a lot of small costs here and there as well especially with the data transfer so AWS has all sorts of costs for all sorts of countries for example if your visitor is coming from India and you’re using cloud front. You’re going to be charged more if the visitor is from the US. You’re gonna be charged less if you’re hosting your S3 bucket in some region.

digitalocean vs aws pricing

DigitalOcean it’s pretty straightforward which they say to you it’s a $5 per month instance you get a 1GB RAM one CPU which is a shared 25 GB hard disk and a 1 TB of transfer for free right so this package includes something which I believe 90% of the internet who wants to host small websites would be sufficient maybe your personal blog.

For Calculating Price, you need to add services and then you can customize pricing according to your choice. You can refer to AWS Calculator for estimating Price.

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