2022’s Best Steam Games For Mac


Since 1998, the MacBook has been one of Apple’s best-selling products. It continues to be, to
this day, a top-rated machine for workspace. Similarly, in the gaming arena, Apple has
progressed with newer versions of Mac which come equipped with powerful processors, high-
quality display, and graphic cards. Infact, introducing macOS and the M1 processor has already
been a huge game-changer for the future of Apple in the online gaming industry.

According to Forbes, gradual changes in Mac processors have made the devices compatible
with gamers. Since these upgrades, online gaming platforms like Steam and AAA developers
keep Apple users in their sights as valuable customers.

Steam is an online gaming platform that works as a cloud-based gaming library, allowing users
to store many games without using too much computer memory. Originally, Steam games were
exclusively for Windows PC, but being the world’s most popular digital games store, it has
started to cater to Mac gamers too, in recent times. As a result, you can now set up a Steam
account and very easily download and play games on your MacBook.To know more about this,
click setapp.com.

The Steam online gaming platform hosts thousands of games, downloadable content, and mods
(user-generated features) to over 150 million users from major developers and game designers.
Here is a list of the best Steam games of 2022 that can be played on your Mac.

Mad Max

This game was created by Feral Interactive and inspired by the Mad Max films, exploring
the setting of a vast post-apocalyptic wasteland and reproducing its car chases and
action scenes for the gamers. To download and play this game, you will require a Mac
with OS X v10.11.6, a 3.2GHz Intel Core i5 processor, discrete graphics card with a 2GB


Developed by Pixel Pi Games, this adventure game has recently been completed and is
now available on Steam. You have to play this game as a young blind girl named Eva,
who sets out on a cryptically unexplained quest and uses sound to navigate her way
through the world. The system requirements for this game are pretty high, though, with
Mac OS X v10.7, 2.0GHz dual-core Intel processor, nVidia GeForce, or ATI Radeon
graphics card with 1GB VRAM.

Dirt Rally

This game is yet another creation of Feral Interactive Company, inspired by the Fast and
Furious film series. Dirt Rally is all about the high-speed cars racing on the rain-swept
roads of Wales, rocky hills of Greece, and even through Hell itself, which is a well-known
rallycross track in Norway. The game has three modes and 40 different cars that you
can drive. The system requirements are macOS 10.13 or later versions, 2GHz dual-core
processor, Nvidia 650M (1GB), AMD Radeon M290 (2GB), or Intel HD 4000, which
makes its physics and mechanical systems highly realistic.

Mage Drops

The Orchid of Redemption Company, who developed Mage Drops, wanted this mash-up
of golf and platform games in the middle of the worldwide pandemic. So the game is a
kind of crazy golf, with a series of moving platforms, traps, and magical power-ups in
eight different ‘worlds.’ System requirements to play this game are a macOS 10.11, 64-
bit with a dual-core Intel processor.

FTL: Faster Than Light

This is a space adventure game developed by Subset Games in which you have to play
as the captain of a ship across the galaxy in a dangerous mission to save the Federation
from the evil rebels. The system required for this game is OS X 10.6.x or later versions;

1GB RAM; 128MB VRAM, and 200MB HD space. There is also an advanced edition of
the game for free on Steam, including new ships, events, weapons, and music.

Mushroom Wars 2

A creation of Zillion Whales company, this strategy game is available on Steam. It can
be played with the macOS 10.10, 2GHz dual-core processor, nVidia 320M, Radeon HD
2400, or Intel HD 3000. The game contains a single-player campaign, online multiplayer,
and a custom mode where you can play with friends in small teams or free-for-all battles.
Plus, the game’s cute 2D graphics will run well even on older Macs.

Total War: Warhammer II

Creative Assembly and Feral Interactive created Total War: Warhammer, combining the
fantasy warfare of the Warhammer series with the large-scale battles of the Total War
strategy games. You would require a pretty powerful Mac with macOS 10.14, 2GHz Intel
Core i5, Radeon R9 M290, or Intel Iris 540 with 2GB video memory to handle the
demanding 3D graphics of this game.

Mac gamers are believed to be lacking in gaming options, but that’s not true any more. The top
game titles for you to choose from Steam these days are listed above. All you have to do is
select your preference and then it’s time to play.

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